Building Your Resume


Example of a poor resume.

The next unit in our business 10 class is looking into building resumes. Before we begin this new unit our teacher wanted us to research before hand and take a look at the do’s and don’ts of resumes. To begin I’m going to write about the don’ts  of resume writing. While looking through sites many had the same key points.  One point that couldn’t be stressed enough is to not talk about your own personal life. Examples of this include, personal characteristics (ex. height, weight etc.), life story, and hobbies. When listing your strong suites do not list qualities that are not needed for the job you are applying for.   Also do not include your criminal records, negative words and ideas, and bland word choice. Employers are looking for some one ready to bring new and creative ideas to the work place. Make sure to keep your information organized showing your employer that you are an organized person.



Example of a creative outline for a resume.

When writing a resume make sure to keep the content short and sweet. Get to the point fast and avoid over writing. Employers may enjoy a little bit of creativity so you make your resume have a little bit of colour and designs to draw the attention to your resume. Make sure to keep your resume short, one – two pages is the ideal length. Focus on the most important skills that will be beneficial to the job you are applying for.


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