Presentation Critique

slide-1-638Our last assignment was to critique a power point presentation. My power point was, Profile Pic’s Do’s and Don’ts. We were given six categories and were told to rate the chosen power point on them.  The six categories were – info, colour scheme, images, font and use of text, content is relevant and clear, and overall design.

The info provided in this power point was well organized, with a perfect amount of each info on each page. The pages were not cluttered with words, but enough writing so you were able to understand. The colour scheme stuck to two main colours. Blue and yellow. You may be thinking that those colours look awful together, but the yellow was florescent, it was a duller colour, but still popped out on the navy blue background. All images used in this slide were relevant to one another, they were all Lego pictures that related to the words perfectly with out any confusion. The had a picture to almost every slide corresponding with the text. Font at times was difficult to read, they choose a font were the words were compacted together. To improve this they could have made the test smaller of chosen a different font so the text was less compact. Through out the slide show each slide stuck to the main topic, ” Profile Pic’s, Do’s and Don’ts”. All the tips were well written and easy to understand. They also gave reasoning on why you want your profile picture they way they tell you to have it. Finally the last category was overall design, the colours worked well together  and the slides and formatting was kept consistent. Overall I would give this power point an 8/10.


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