During this week of BST 10 we collaborated with the Hoover Alabama students through a tweet chat. What is a tweet chat you may ask? A tweet chat is virtual gatherings or meeting held on twitter.  Tweet chat participants use a hash tag to identify their tweets belonging to a partictwitterular chat. The hash tag we used was #camhoobiz symbolizing the collaboration between Campbell and Hoover High school businesses classes. In our tweet chat we discussed 7 different questions about social media and personal branding. During this tweet chat I learned that it is important to keep in mind that anyone can see what you are posting. It is important to remember that some employers may explore your social media pages to see what kind of person you are. I enjoyed this tweet chat because everyone was able to see everyone else opinions, you could respond and discuss and share your opinion with others. This is something that I would enjoy to do every two weeks. In the future maybe we could discuss more of our personal lives, and have a few different hash tags that are of different topics that people could discuss on. I would enjoy to get to know  the Alabama students better and actually have a conversation with them personally.

The picture shows tweets from the period 4 tweet chat, tweets came from Eva and Sarah. Click their names to check out more of their answers to some of the tweet chat questions!


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