Entrepreneurs in Regina


Regina Legislative Building

Regina, Saskatchewan also known as The Queen City, has a population of 205,000 people. Regina has a interesting climate, it changes from cold, dry winters, to warm summers. On average Regina has about 113 frost free days. Regina is known for its sunny skies, on average we have about 2,365 hours of sunshine a year. Regina has a resource based economy, with oil, gas, potash, and agricultural industries. Regina also has many small businesses run by local entrepreneurs, one of which I will be telling you about.


My local business/entrepreneur is Aloha Hot Tubs, locally operated by a married couple Kelly and Gail Goff. Kelly and Gail have been running Aloha for about 3 years now and plan to continue for many years. Kelly attended the University of Regina for 2 years, and Gail is extremely mechanically inclined. Gail started thinking about the hot tub business when she bought a hot tub off of eBay. She payed $3000  for a 2007 model that did not work. After many service techs, from various hot tubs stores tried to fix her hot tub it was unsuccessful, and she ended up paying an additional $3000-$5000 to fix her hot tub. After this fiasco she realized Regina needed a hot tub business that not only sold quality hot tubs but had proper service to fix the hot tubs and superb customer experience.

Kelly and Gail started up Aloha Hot Tubs in 2011 and began selling J&J hot tubs. J&J is a Chinese manufactured hot tub company, but Gail soon noticed they did not have the quality nor support she wanted to give her customers.


One of many outstanding Beachcomber hot tubs, sold at Aloha!

After Gail realized she needed higher quality Hot tubs, the VP of Beachcomber walked into her store and asked her to sell their brand of hot tubs. Once Gail visited the owner of a Beachcomber hot tubs store in Saskatoon, she realized they cared about the costumers, products and had quality service. Beachcomber has been around for 36 years and is a Canadian company which is one of many competitive advantages of Aloha Hot Tubs. Aloha Hot Tubs has excellent quality, exceptional service, and treats their customers like family.  All the staff at Aloha want to ensure the hot tub you purchase is one you will enjoy for the next 20 -25 years!

If you are interested in checking out Aloha Hot Tubs check out the links below!

Aloha Hot Tubs Website 

Aloha Hot Tubs Facebook 

Aloha Hot Tubs Twitter 


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