Celebrity cruise ship

Twice a year or more my family travels to places outside of the country. Out of the whole year these are my favorite times. The reason I love travelling so much is because I enjoy spending time with my family and sight-seeing. My favorite trips to go on are Caribbean cruises, they are my favorite because you  stop off at more than one place.  They are also one of my favorite vacations because you meet tons of people from places outside of the country. On the three cruises I have been on I met tons of friends that don’t live in Canada, and still talk to them today.


Diamond Head, Volcanic Crater

My second favorite place to travel is Honolulu, Hawaii. I have been there twice and adored it every time. Hawaii has spectacular scenery, beaches and beautiful blue oceans,  fantastic shopping and places to hike such as diamond head. I spent most of my time  surfing, and snorkeling off the shore of a beach right outside my hotel. Hawaiian oceans are so beautiful and breath – taking.

I have traveled many places but  Hawaii and cruises are definitely my  favorite. In the future I want to travel to Europe and several places in America. Maybe even meet up with some of the friends I met on other trips. When I’m older I plan to travel to all the continents and explore the different land and scenery.